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Behind Gooey Brand is Petra Bush.

Petra designs the clothes and the colors the cotton fiber is dyed to, creates the screen prints, mixes the colors and prints the clothes herself.

The idea for Gooey Brand started with a growing desire Petra had to create and produce her own clothes after designing for other companies in Sweden for almost 20 yrs.

As an illustrator and textile-pattern designer, she's always been attracted to children's clothing and products the most. It was natural that her background in print design and illustration should lead her to create styles which could feature her graphic designs. The physical act of creating a design, making a screen and printing her own patterns with her own custom color palette makes each item a unique piece - a far cry from the mass production that is today's standard. We believe there is desire for this type of quality and individuality which is slowly being diluted in the globalization of production.

Gooey Brand produces in small quantity in Portugal and we print only what we need to sell. This means less waste and more flexibility to try new things. We work with
organic cotton and strive for the highest quality while keeping the prices affordable. Gooey Brand doesn't produce 2 collections per year - which means we don't have big Clearance Sales to move out the old stock to make room for the new. We change and adjust prints all the time - old favorites remain and new prints are rotated in.
We are interested in meeting retailers who like our stuff and would like to sell it! 

"Jungle" Kids collection for Åhléns interior

Åhlens pattern by Petra Bush

Filippa K.

FilippaK pattern

Hennes & Mauritz

Hennes & Maurits web illustration

Friggs rice-cake package illustrations

Friggs ricecakes package illustration

Polarn o Pyret

Polarn o Pyret